Fadi Maktabi,
General Manager

With over 14 years of experience, Fadi Maktabi began his Omnicom journey in 2007 at OMD managing the PepsiCo account in Dubai, eventually leading the regional account, overseeing 14 markets and 19 brands. His career has spanned planning, strategy and business development, leveraging his expertise to help clients develop brand strategies that bridge the gap between offline and online media. 

Being General Manager of Hearts & Science MENA, has really linked Fadi’s passion of strengthening that bridge between digital and offline media through data-driven marketing for our clients. 

Stacy Fisher, Head of
Digital Transformation

Stacy Fisher is the Head of Digital Transformation for Hearts & Science MENA. Over the past 13 years, she has worked across a range of sectors including retail, entertainment, FMCG and more. Her career has spanned various disciplines across Chicago, New York and Dubai, giving Stacy a unique insight into how to drive business results for clients. Having worked in a more advanced market like the US has enabled her to help clients in this region adopt digital at a faster pace.  

She is passionate about brands adopting innovation through new technologies and wants to inspire marketers to focus on people and their habits, not media channels and their audience. Due to Stacy’s past experience with CRM, people-based marketing and e-commerce as well as her love for digital transformation, she sees a real opportunity to use the data brands have access to. As an agency with digital and data at the heart of everything we do, she loves helping these brands embrace their engaged audiences to create tailored and personalized experiences.

Dana Sarkis,
Head of Marketing Science

With a degree in computers and communications, Dana Sarkis’ 11+ years of experience has spanned across planning, buying and analytics. She is passionate about technology, data and analytics, using them to make better business decisions. Working across the disciplines has made Dana adept at using consumer and media insights to fuel client’s strategies and plans. 

As Head of Marketing Science, Dana strives to elevate the data and analytics conversations in the region by holding us all accountable to ensure data safety and security.